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firelight studios : statement

My husband tells me that I must have been a crow in a former life because I am always irresistibly drawn to sparkling, shining objects. As a child I had an up-close and personal relationship with quartz-studded rocks in the driveway and the loose rhinestones I salvaged from my mother's old jewelry. I am endlessly fascinated by the gaudy glitz of a fireworks display, the play of sunshine on rippling water, the rainbow glimmer on the surface of a soap bubble! It comes as no surprise, then, that as an artist I am captivated by the effects which can be achieved with glass! I crave the patterns, textures and stunning rich jewel colors presented by stained-glass. It intrigues my senses as no other medium has and I confess to an unmitigated lust for the interplay of light on and through glass!

My history in working with stained glass dates back 25 years when I began building stained glass panels. Most recently I have experimented with free-standing, three-dimensional pieces, sculptural in form. I play with the applique of glass over glass to achieve unusual and stunning color and texture. One of my favorite endeavors is to incorporate found objects with glass - old keys and photographs, sterling silver and other metals, vintage glass flowers and objects found in nature. I enjoy extrapolating from those objects and letting them guide the design to enhance the glass while creating visual tension.

Quite simply, I am seduced by the play of light through the colors and textures of glass and I am grateful to have found my way to this manner of artistic expression.